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Relevant Features
• Studio/Corporate Campus
• Historic Site
• 1930 Moderne vocabulary
• 789 vehicle capacity
• 8 1/2 levels
• Methane Encapsulation
• Extreme Construction Restriction

Project Highlights
Century City, California
20th Century Fox
08/2006- 10/2008

The 20th Century Fox Studios West Pico Parking Structure is an eight and one half level, poured in place, post-tensioned parking structure; five levels are below grade, one level at grade and three and one half levels are above grade all on a sloping site.

The parking structure accommodates 789 parking stalls and includes 20 golf cart parking stations for carts used on the studio lot. The parking structure was designed to embrace the historical preservation of the studio lot as well as the architecture of the surrounding 1930 Moderne vocabulary of the sound stages. It needed to incorporate all of the 20th century enhancements and technology of design and construction but also embrace the historic relevance of the past; not to mention obtain design approval from the Historic Preservation Society.

The complexities of the site also helped influenced the design of the structure. The main broadcasting link of the studio; the satellite farm was adjacent to the structure to the immediate north. The parking structure had to be designed to avoid satellite interference with the broadcasting satellite dishes both in design of the final structure as well as during its construction.

This lead to a very unusual north façade; sculptured and terraced to maintain line of sight from the satellite dishes to the satellites for every orbit 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The parking structure had to be built without suspending or significantly disrupting regular studio operations or the filming of various movie pilots and shows in the adjacent sound stages which were only 65’-0” from the east elevation of the structure.

Access to the Studio Lot for studio employees, deliveries as well as fire access had to be maintained during normal business hours and hours of construction could not be extended or changed due to surrounding residential uses. The five levels of the below grade portion of the structure was structurally designed incorporating a shoring system that consisted of structural beams and tie backs at every eight feet on center, 32” thick shotcrete walls and an 18” thick structural mat slab while incorporating a full methane encapsulation system.

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