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Relevant Features
•  Business Office Campus
• Traditional Delivery
•  2,768 vehicle capacity
•  8 levels
•  Class A finishes
•  Full Security System

Project Highlights
Irvine, California
Maguire Properties
Parkitects, Inc.
09/2005 – 08/2007

Park Place Parking Structure #2 is an eight level parking structure containing approximately 2,768 parking stalls. It has been designed with two levels below grade to minimize the apparent overall height of the parking structure relative to the adjacent buildings.  Major vehicular entrances are on three sides of the structure and both pedestrian and vehicular entrances/exits occur on multiple levels.

The parking structure is kept simple in its detailing with the major design emphasis placed on the vertical circulation elements of stairs and elevator cores.

Security is of utmost importance; the parking structure maintains an architectural security screen around the ground level perimeter of the parking structure, elevators are glass on three sides, the structure is fully painted, open for ventilation and natural light aiding in visibility and incorporates a sophisticated security system with pan, tilt and zoom cameras within the structure that link back to the main security station which also monitors office and retail in the same development.

The choice of materials was made for longevity, low maintenance, as well as the obvious aesthetic considerations. Painted concrete is a class “A” finish, polished stainless steel and custom tinted glass and metal cladding are used for elevator cores along with custom stainless and glass canopies;  all add to the elegance, brightness and openness of the parking areas and public space.

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